Detroit Cancelled

So The story is, the suffocation showed up to Harpo’s to find out that the show was destined to fail.
The promoter had suggested to our recently fired booking agent that we should cancel this date days ago. Unfortunately we didnt get the memo. We of course apologize to the fans, you all know we rarely disappoint. No one is more disturbed over this venture than us.

Euro tour recap

Suffocation finally finished our Euro tour alongside Napalm Death. This was definitely the most successful Euro tour we’ve done to date. Every show was packed out in every country. The fans of old and new were absolutely amazing, we enjoyed partying with all of you. This is proof to us that the genre still has a chance to survive when the right packages are put together. Next on our agenda is to complete the dvd we’ve been gathering footage for, as well as putting quality time into the creation of our next album BLOOD OATH. Stay tuned.

Mike Smith hired for studio project

Louisiana based experimental project “Psychometry” has hired the services of Suffocation drummer Mike Smith to perform and record on their upcoming Album “The Four Points”. Psychometry is an atmospheric, melodic metal band made up of professional musicians experienced in several different styles of music. The project ranges from symphonic,Classical, electronic, as well as extreme underground metal.

Psychometry blends a wide variety of the world’s music and is formed as a collection of composers so as not to be placed into a specific genre of music. Mike Smith states, “the change in musical direction form the norm of Death metal is a welcome one. It gives me the opportunity to retrain myself to play with the goal of appealing to listeners of multiple Genres”.

Ireland/Uk tour begins

Alright so after 5 months off from touring, we finally prepare to get back to biz. We fly out to Ireland for a couple shows today 4/18. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and fans in Dublin and Cork before setting off for a weeks run in the UK. Its been a few years since our last visit and we fully expect the shows to be SICK as always. See you all there!

New UK and Ireland shows added

New dates have been added for our return back to the UK and Ireland. We definitely look forward to it, its been a while. Many amazing tours have passed since our last visit. We apologize for the extensive time away, but we promise to deliver what you expect from us. No worries.

Tuscon Cancelled

So as it stands the show that was to be at THE Rock in Tuscon Arizona was cancelled. We do not yet know why the promoter cancelled the show but The bands didnt find out until we were already at the club the morning of the show. Once we get to the bottom of what really happened with the promoter and the show, we will update all of the fans who came out to Rock!

Summer fests Completed

So we have returned from our 10 day 50,000 skymile summer festival run. We had the best experiences at all countries visited Moscow,Indonesia,Ukraine, Chezch and Germany. Our first visit to Moscow was insane ,they were by far the most rabid audience out of the run, not to downplay the other shows but the club was definitely out of control for the entire set. Ukraines fest which was held on the beach of the Black Sea was incredible as well ,the fans definitely showed us that we will always be welcome and turned out in great numbers.

Indonesias hospitality was top notch and much needed after such a vigorous travel schedule. The fans turned out big and definitely put themselves on the map as a country focused on the Extreme metal genre and worth visiting often. The Brutral assault fest in the Chezch republic turned out 8000 strong and is definitely a fest that will be at the top of the food chain in the near future, well organized, price efficient, with great bands.

Germany’s Summer breeze fest was insane as all German festivals are. You can always rely on the German fests to lead in their ability to throw a massive and successful festival.

If only the US would pay attention and take some pointers maybe we could introduce festivals of Extreme metal of such caliber in the states. Ozzfest and Sounds of the Underground is good but definitely no match for the efforts and exposure of the European fests.Maybe someday someone in the US will focus and step up. Take care. Thanks again to all of the fans who made it clear that Suffocation has impacted their lives and is welcome in their countries.

Death metal Album of the year?

European Metal Webzine, the European Metal Webzine is proud to present the Metal Storm Awards. Metalstorm hosts more than 800 000 single visits and more than 25 000 000 hits each month.

This year, SUFFOCATION is nominated in “The Best Death Metal Album” category. During a month, readers will be able to vote for their favorite albums! (If they’re not already a member of our community, they just have to register on the site and submit their votes!

SUFFOCATION back from the tour.

Suffocation’s recent tour with Fear Factory,Hypocrisy and Decapitated was a great time and success. It was a good opportunity for Suffocation to play in front of fans who wouldnt necessarily be at a Suffocation show.The response we received from the fans seemed to prove that our goal was successful. The musical difference between all of the bands on the bill really made the whole package strong and more diverse.In our opinion this was definitely a positive factor on this run.

Tour Dates

2008 Appearances
2/23/2008Sayreville,NJStarland Ballroom 
5/8/2008Dordrecht, HollandBibelot Napalm Death/ Suffocation
5/9/2008Zaandam, HollandDe Kade Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/10/2008Berlin,GermanySO36 Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/11/2008Gelsenkirchen, GermanyGelsenkirchen Amphitheatre (Rock Hard Festival) Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/12/2008Hasselt, BelgiumMuziek-O-Droom Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/13/2008Paris, FranceLa Locomotive Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/14/2008Rennes, FranceAntipode Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/15/2008Biarritz, FranceAtabel Suffocation /Napalm Death
5/16/2008Durango, SpainPlateruena Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/17/2008Corroios, PortugalCine Teatro de Corroios Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/18/2008Madrid, SpainCaracol Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/19/2008Barcelona, SpainMephisto Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/20/2008Six Fours Les Plages, FrancEspace Anre Malraux Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/21/2008Bulle, FranceEbullition Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/22/2008Rome, ItalyCircolo Degli Artisti Napalm Death/ Suffocation
5/23/2008Roncade/Treviso, ItalyNew Age Napalm Death/ Suffocation
5/24/2008Pinarella Di Cervia, ItalyRockplanet Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/25/2008Luzern, SwitzerlandSchüür Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/26/2008Lindau, SwitzerlandClub Vauderville Suffocation/Napalm Death
5/27/2008Saarbrücken, GermanyRoxy/Garage Napalm Death/Suffocation
5/28/2008Tilburg, Holland013 (Neurotic Death Fest) Napalm Death/Suffocation
6/4/2008Leipzig, GermanyConne Island Napalm Death/ Suffocation
6/5/2008Copenhagen, DenmarkThe Rock Napalm Death/ Suffocation
6/6/2008Aalborg, DenmarkStudentehuset Napalm Death/ Suffocation
7/18/2008Detroit MichiganHarpo’s Concert Theatre 
7/19/2008Mokena,ILLThe Pearl Room 
7/20/2008Urbana,ILCanopy Club 
7/21/2008Louisville, KYUncle Pleasants 
7/22/2008Charlotte,NCTremont Music Hall 
BEST OF SUFFOCATION CD RELEASE 1/29/08 on Roadrunner Records
“UNMERCIFUL REIGN “Tour 2007 US/Canada
10/25/2007Quebec CityImperial de Quebec SUFFOCATION IMMOLATION SKINLESS
10/27/2007Toronto, ONTTHE OPERA HOUSE 
10/30/2007Maplewood, MNTHE ROCK 
11/2/2007Seattle ,WASTUDIO SEVEN 
11/3/2007Portland,ORROSELAND GRILL 
11/4/2007San Francisco,CASLIM’S 
11/5/2007West Hollywood, CAHOUSE OF BLUES 
11/6/2007San Diego, CAHOUSE OF BLUES 
11/7/2007Anaheim, CAHOUSE OF BLUES 
11/8/2007Tuscon,AZTHE ROCK 
11/9/2007Albuquerque , NMLAUNCH PAD 
11/12/2007Memphis ,TNNew Daisy Theatre 
11/13/2007AtlantaThe Masquerade 
11/14/2007West Springfield, VAJAXX 
11/15/2007Philadelphia,PATHE TROCADERO 
11/16/2007clifton parkNorthern lights 
11/17/2007Bedford,NHMARKS PLACE 
11/18/2007New York CityBB KINGS BLUES CLUB 
2/11/2007Jakarta, IndonesiaPlaza Barat Senayan (w/Jasad, Tengkorak, Purgatory, Kumal, Panic Disorder)
2/13/2007Perth, AustraliaAmplifier Bar (w/GROTESQUE, CLAIM THE THRONE)
2/14/2007Adelaide, AustraliaFowlers Live (w/STARGAZER, THE RIVALRY)
2/15/2007Melbourne, AustraliaThe Hifi Bar (w/CAPTAIN CLEANOFF, NE OBLIVICARIS)
2/16/2007Sydney, AustraliaQUT Guild Bar Garden’s Point Campus (w/ASTRIAAL, EXCRUCIATE)
2/17/2007Auckland, NZThe Studio (w/DAWN OF AZAZEL, ULCERATE, SINATE)
2/18/2007Wellington, NZGaelic Club (w/EBOLIE, DEGENERACY, VATICI)
3/28/2007Zurich, SwitzerlandDynamo Werk 21 
3/29/2007Paris, FranceScene Bastille 
3/30/2007Rijssen, HollandLucky 
3/31/2007Copenhagen, DenmarkStore Vega 
4/1/2007Glauchau, GermanyNo Mercy Alte Spinnerei 
4/2/2007Prague, CzechPart of No Mercy Abaton 
4/3/2007Szczetin, PolandSlowanin 
4/4/2007Aalborg, DenmarkStudenteHuset 
4/5/2007NorwayInferno Festival 
4/6/2007Stockholm, SwedenKlubben 
4/7/2007Gotenburg, SwedenMusikens Hus 
5/9/2007Hungary BudapestKultiplex 
5/10/2007Serbia ,BeogradSKC 
5/11/2007Romania, BucurestiSuburbia 
5/12/2007GreeceThesalonikiMilos Xilourgio SUFFOCATION NATRON +guests
5/13/2007Greece,AthensAnn Club SUFFOCATION NATRON +guests
5/14/2007Makedonia SkopjejeYouth Cultural Centre 
5/15/2007Coration ZagrebMocvara 
5/16/2007Slovenia LjubljanaGala Hala 
5/18/2007Italy PalermoOfficine Bier garten 
5/19/2007Italy GualtieryTempo Rock 
5/20/2007Italy TorinoSpazio211 
5/21/2007France LyonTBA 
5/22/2007Spain BarcelonaApollo 2 
5/23/2007Spain MurciaSuper 8 
5/24/2007Spain MadridCopernico 
5/25/2007Grand Canaria-SpainSala Paraninfo 
Summer 2007 Festivals
8/8/2007UkraineRED ALERT OPEN AIR festival 
8/9/2007Czech RepublicBrutal Assault Festival 
8/12/2007IndonesiaPantai festival Ancol,Jakarta 
8/16/2007GermanySummer Breeze 
DateCityVenue/Information December 28New York, NY Roseland Ballroom (w/Stillborn Fest feat. HATEBREED, Full Blown Chaos, Subzero) December 30New Haven, CT Toad’s Place (w/Stillborn Fest feat. HATEBREED, Full Blown Chaos, Subzero)
DateCityVenue/Information October 22 Cedar Falls ,IA Reverb (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 24 Loveland, CO White Buffalo (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 26 San Francisco, CA the pound at pier 96 (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 27 San Francisco, CA the pound at pier 96 (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 28 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 29 Los Angeles, CA Key Club (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 30 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) October 31 El Paso, TX Texas Avenue Live (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 1 Houston, TX Warehouse live (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 2 New Orleans, LA House of Blues (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 3 St, Petersburg, FL The State Theatre (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 4 Ft Lauderdale, FL Culture Room (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 5 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 6 Fayetteville, NC Jeeters Pub (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 7 West Springfield, VA JAXX (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 8 New York, NY BB Kings Blues Club (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 9 Cleveland, OH House of Blues (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 10 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 11 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 12 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 13Montreal, Que Medly (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 14Toronto, ONT The Opera House (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 15 Rochester, Ny Penny Arcade (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 16Cohoes, Ny Saratoga Winners (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 17Worcester, MA The Palladium (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 18Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 19Cleveland, OH Peabodys (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 20London, Ont Embassy (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 21Lansing, MI Temple Club (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 22South Bend, IN Club Fever (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 24Detroit, MI Harpos (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 25Chicago, IL Metro/Smart Bar (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 26Saginaw ,MI Shooters (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 27Sauget,IL Pop’s (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 28Maplewood, MN The Rock (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 29Winnipeg, MB Ramada Conference Center (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) November 30Regina,SK Exchange (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 1Edmonton, AL Starlite Room (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 2Calgary, AL Warehouse (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 3Spokane, WA Big Easy Concert House (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 4Victoria, BC Sugar (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 5Seattle, WA Studio Seven (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 6Portland, OR Roseland Theater (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 8Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 9 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated) December 10Las Vegas, NV House of Blues (w/Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, and Decapitated)
DateCityVenue/Information August 16 Wermelskirchen (D) AJZ Bahndamm ( w/ Skinless (US), Spawn Of Possession (SWE), Obscura (D)) August 17 Gent (B) Frontline ( w/ Obscura (D), Fleshmould (B) + more) August 18 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg (w/ Obscura (D),Dawn Of Disease (D), + support) August 19 Muotathal (CH) Mountains Of Death Open Air (w/Cephalic Carnage, Disavowed, Wasteform, Fleshless, Obscura and many) August 20 Munich (D) Metropolis ( w/ Obscura (D), Wasteform (US)) August 21 Vienna (A) Planet Music ( w/ Obscura (D), Wasteform (US), Days Of Loss (A), Dark Deception (A)) August 22 Prague (CZ) Matrix (w/ Obscura (D) + more) August 23 Hamburg (D) Marx (w/ Obscura (D), Wasteform (US)) August 24 Berlin (D) Knaack (w/ Obscura (D), Wasteform (US)) August 25 Gemuenden/Main, GERMANY Up From The Ground Open Air (w/Obituary, Morbid Angel, Sinister, Gorefest, Dismember, Obscura and many more) August 26 Rijssel (NL) Els Rock Open Air (w/ Holy Moses (D) and more)
DateCityVenue/Information August 1 Dallas, TX Gypsy tea room (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 2 Houston, TX Meridian (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 3 New Orleans, LA House of Blues (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 4 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 5 Atlanta,GA The Masquerade (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 7 Cincinnati,OH Bogarts (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 8 Chicago, IL House of Blues (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 9 Cleveland, OH House of Blues (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 10 Times Square- NY, NY Nokia Theatre (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 11 Philadelphia, PA Theater of Living Arts (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL) August 12 Worcester, MA The Palladium (Strhess Tour w/ SHADOWS FALL)
DateCityVenue/Information July 28Bedford, NHMarks place (w/ TBA) July 29Sommerville, MAGoodtimes Emporium (w/ TBA) July 30West Sprinfield, VAJAXX (w/ TBA) July 31Nashville, TNThe Muse (w/ TBA)
DateCityVenue/Information June 24Virginia Beach, VAVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre (FM99 Lunatic Luau 10) May 14 Los Angeles,CAClub 740 (California Metalfest) May 20Halifax, NSStagenine April 29Worcester, MAThe Palladium (New England Hardcore Metalfest) April 30New York, NYBB KINGS BLUES CLUB (w/ Exodus, Immolation, Cryptopsy, Skinless) February 19Los Angeles, CAKey Club (w/ Decrepit Birth and Guests)
DateCityVenue/InformationOctober 1Houston, TXMary Janes (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 2McAllen, TXVilla Reel Convention Center (CANCELED) October 3Ft. Worth, TXRidgies Theatre (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 4San Antonio, TXSanctuary (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted) October 6Albuquerque ,NMLaunch Pad (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted) October 7Tempe, AZThe Clubhouse (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 8San Diego, CASoma (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 11Anaheim, CAHouse Of Blues (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted) October 12Los Angeles, CAHouse Of Blues (CANCELED) October 13Orangevale, CAThe Boardwalk (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted, With Passion) October 14San Francisco, CAThe Pound (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 15Portland, ORMeow Meow (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 16Seattle, WAStudio Seven (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 17Victoria, BC CanadaSugar Night Club (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 18Vancouver, BCCommodore Ballroom (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 19Prince George, BCThe Generator (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 20Calgary, AB CanadaThe Warehouse (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 21Edmonton, AB CanadaThe Starlight (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 22Regina, SK CanadaRiddel Center (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 23Saskatoon, SK CanadaThe Roxy (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 24Winnipeg, MB Canada Pyramid Cabaret (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 25Minneapolis, MNAscot Room (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 26Mokena, IL The Pearl Room (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 27Cleveland, OHPeabody’s (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted ) October 28Detroit, MIHarpo’s (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Aborted) October 29Toronto, ON CanadaOpera House (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 30Ottawa, ON CanadaCapital Music Hall (w/ Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) October 31Royun-Noranda, QC CanadaPetit Theatre Du Vieux Noranda (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) November 1Chicoutimi, QC CanadaPoly Laure Conan (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) November 2Rimouski, QC Canada Le Coudee (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) November 3Quebec City, QC Canada L’Imperial (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) November 4Montreal, QC CanadaAscot Room (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, With Passion, Aborted) November 5Poughkeepsie, NYThe Chance (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, Decapitated, Aborted) November 6Springfield, VAJaxx (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, Decapitated, Aborted) November 7New York, NYBB King’s Blues Club (w/ Cryptopsy, Vader, Despised Icon, Decapitated, Aborted)
DateCityVenue/Information September 3Armenia, Colombia Discoteca Club Space September 4Bogota, Colombia Downtown September 6Santiago, Chile Teatro Teleton w/ MORBID ANGEL September 10Quito, Equador Club Miami
DateCityVenue/Information August 4-6GermanyWacken Open Air Festival August 11Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL)Arnhem Metal Meeting August 12-13Bad Berka, GermanyParty San Open Air Festival
DateCityVenue/Information July 21Farmingdale, NYThe Crazy Donkey (w/ Catastrophic, Tension, Mortician, Destroyed by Anger, Stray from the Path, Without Remorse, Revenance)
DateCityVenue/Information May 28Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Maritime Metalfest
DateCityVenue/Information May 7BerlinFuck The Commerce Festival
JAPAN 2005
DateCityVenue/Information April 9Tokyo, JapanClub Quattro April 11Nagoya, JapanClub Quattro April 12Osaka, JapanClub Quattro
DateCityVenue/Information January 17Nashville,TNExit Inn (w/ Behemoth) January 18Fayetteville, NC Jeeters Pub (w/ Behemoth) January 20FT.lauderdale, FL Culture Room (w/ Behemoth) January 21Seminole, FLBoomerz Boiler Room Nightclub(w/ Behemoth) January 22Jacksonville, FLThee Imperial (w/ Behemoth) January 23Atlanta, GAThe Masquerade (w/ Behemoth) January 24New Orleans, LAHowlin Wolf (w/ Behemoth) January 25Houston, TXMary Janes (w/ Behemoth) January 26San Antonio, TXSanctuary (w/ Behemoth) January 27Dallas, TXTrees (w/ Behemoth) January 28Oklahoma City, OKBricktown Live (w/ Behemoth) January 29Albuquerque, NMLaunch Pad (w/ Behemoth) January 30Tucson, AZThe Rock (w/ Behemoth) January 31Phoenix, AZMason Jar (w/ Behemoth) February 1Santa Ana, CAGalaxy Theatre (w/ Behemoth) February 2Los Angeles, CAKey Club (w/ Behemoth) February 3San Francisco, CAThe Pound (w/ Behemoth) February 4Portland, ORMeow Meow (w/ Behemoth) February 5Seattle, WAStudio Seven (w/ Behemoth) February 7Salt Lake City, UTLo Fi Cafe (w/ Behemoth) February 8Denver, CO Blubird Theatre (w/ Behemoth) February 9Omaha, NERanch Bowl (w/ Behemoth) February 10Minneapolis, MNAscot Room (w/ Behemoth) February 11Sauget, ILPop’s (w/ Behemoth) February 12Detroit, MIAlvin’s (w/ Behemoth) February 13Chicago, ILHouse of Blues (w/ Behemoth) February 14Cleveland, OHHouse of Blues (w/ Behemoth) February 15Philadelphia, PA Trocadero (w/ Behemoth) February 16New York, NYBB Kings Blues Club (w/ Behemoth) February 17Hartford, CTWebster Theatre (w/ Behemoth) February 18Worcester, MAThe Palladium (w/ Behemoth) February 19Cohoes, NYSaratoga Winners (w/ Behemoth) February 20Montreal, QUE Les foufounes Electriques (w/ Behemoth) February 21Quebec City, QUE Cabaret Du Capitole (w/ Behemoth) February 22Ottawa, ONTBarrymores Music Hall (w/ Behemoth) February 23Toronto, ONTThe Opera House (w/ Behemoth) February 25Rochester, NY Penny Arcade (w/ Behemoth) February 26Baltimore, MD The Thunderdome (w/ Behemoth) February 27Jacksonville, NC Planet Rock (w/ Behemoth)
DateCityVenue/Information January 5Hagerstwown, MDWilson Ruritan (w/ MISERY INDEX and Strong Intention) January 7Poughkeepsie, NYThe Chance (w/ MISERY INDEX , Malamor, Bone Crushing Anniliation) January 8Farmingdale, NY The Downtown (w/ MISERY INDEX)
DateCityVenue/Information November 4UK GLASGOWThe Cathouse November 5UK BRADFORDRios November 6UK TBA November 7UK NOTTINGHAMTBA November 8UK BELFASTThe Front Page November 9Ire DUBLINThe Village November 10UK LONDONThe Underworld November 11NL ZANDAAM Kade November 12BE KONTICH Lintfabriek (CANCELED) November 13D TRIER Exhaus November 14FR PARIS PÈniche Alternat (CANCELED) November 15ES TARRAGONAGolfus November 16ES ALICANTEStereo November 17ES BILBAO Rock Star November 18 ES LA ROCA (BARCELONA) La Nau November 19FR MARSEILLE Le Korigan November 20IT MILAN Translivania Live (w/ Severed Savior & Beheaded) November 21IT ROME Alpheus (w/ Severed Savior & Beheaded) November 22IT GIOVINAZZO Stop Over (w/ Severed Savior & Beheaded) November 23IT BASSANO DEL GRAPPA Translivania Live (w/ Severed Savior & Beheaded) November 24CH SURSEE Kulturwerk118 November 25D N‹RNBERG Luise/The Cult Factory November 26D BISCHOFSWERDA East Club November 27SK NITRA Stara Pekaren November 29D BERLIN Knaack December 1D WERMESKIRCHEN AJZ Bahndaam December 3NL ROTTERDAM Baroeg December 4NL ARNHEM Goudvishal December 5BE VOSSELAAR Biebob December 11GR ATHENS TBA (CANCELED) December 12GR THESSALONIKI Mylos (Xilourgeio) (CANCELED)
DateCityVenue/Information October 16Springfield, VAJAXX October 8Monterrey, N.L., Mexico Cafe Iguana October 9Mexico City, Mexico Lopez Mateos Arena, Tlalnepantla July 17/18Glens Falls, NYGlens Falls Civic Center (Aggressive Music Festival) with: SLAYER, SLIPKNOT, HATEBREED, DEICIDE and many more July 23Elizabeth, NJRex Plex (Hellfest) July 24Worcester, MAThe Palladium with: MASTODON, The Red Chord, 100 Demons, All That Remains, Full Blown Chaos and many more
DateCityVenue/Information June 10Hengelo, NetherlandsMetropool June 11Engelsdorf, GermanyHellraiser June 12Prague, Czech RepublicAbaton Club June 13Berlin, GermanyK17 June 14Essen, GermanyZeche Carl (w/ DEICIDE) June 15Aalen, GermanyRock It June 17Irun, SpainTunk June 18Barcelona, SpainMephisto June 19Madrid, SpainRitmo Y Compas June 20Porto, PortugalHard Club June 21Vigo, SpainSala Anoeta June 23Marseille, FranceMirabeau June 24Metz, FranceEurope Hall June 25Dessel, BelgiumGraspop Metal Meeting June 26Le Mans, FranceCircuit Des 24th (Fury Fest) June 27Haarlem, NetherlandsPatronaat June 28Paris, FranceLa Locomotive (w/ DEICIDE June 29London, England The Underworld
DateCityVenue/Information April 13L. Buena Vista, FLHouse of Blues April 14Atlanta, GAEarthlink Live April 15Baltimore, MDThunderdome April 16Cohoes, NYSaratoga Winners April 17Worcester, MAThe Palladium April 18New York, NYB.B. Kings April 20Philadelphia, PAThe Trocedero April 21Cleveland, OHThe Odeen April 22Cincinnati, OHBogarts April 23Chicago Heights, ILOasis 160 April 24Minneapolis, MNQuest Club April 25Urbana, ILThe Canopy April 27Denver, COBluebird Theatre April 29Seattle, WAGraceland April 30Portland, ORRoseland Theatre May 1San Francisco, CASlimís May 2Los Angeles, CAHouse of Blues May 3Anaheim, CAHouse of Blues May 4Las Vegas, NVHouse of Blues May 6Scottsdale, AZCajun HouseMay 7Albuquerque, NMSunshine Theatre May 8Dallas, TXTreesMay 9McAllen, TX Villa Real Convention Center
DateCityVenue/Information May 10San Antonio, TXWhite Room May 11Houston, TXEngine Room May 12New Orleans, LAHouse Of Blues May 15Davenport, IATBA May 16Detroit, MII-Rock May 17Toronto, CAOpera House May 18Montreal, PQFoufones May19Quebec City, PQL’Anti May 21Hartford, CTWebster Theatre


1) How has your music progressed from the beginning in 1990 through the breakup and to today? *Our music has stayed the same, our business sense has improved/progressed. We arent looking to change the format and approach to our music.We are still waiting for the world to catch on to what we’ve already done.

2) How would you describe your music to people? *Controlled and legible Mayhem, with an original New York style and flare.

3) What image and message do you think your music conveys? *Suffocation was never interested in Gimmics to get noticed. Weve always been focused on playing tight/ tech/and correct ,everytime we perform which is what the fans expect of us. professionalism and focus is the only image we care to portray.

4) Who was your major influence musically while you were growing up? *we listened to everything , death Metal didnt exist until our late teens so prior to it we were into what was available, Maiden,Zeppelin, Sabbath,Van Halen and all of the stadium rock as well as Hardcore, Cro-mags, minor threat, Carnivore, DRI, testament,Violence,Slayer,Carcass, Destruction ,Exodus,Venom,Napalm Death and all of the bands that existed in order to familiarize ourselves and strive to be different from all mentioned.

5) Who or what provides your daily inspiration to do what you do? * The desire to take what we do to the next level is all we need to keep it moving everyday. The scene is bigger now than ever we as a band are stronger than ever so to pull out now isnt an option. Our dream is only partly fulfilled at the moment, but it is closer than its ever been before..

6) On your current tour, are the fans reacting to the new material as well as they do the old material? *Yes they react the same , but we play alot of old material live as well because we want the newer fans to know what and where we come from as well as where we are going with the new release.

7) Of the songs on your new album, which one means more to you and why? *If I had to pick one it would be “Bind,Torture,Kill “because it is played most often and has every element of Suffocation contained in the one song. Grind,Blast,Slam,and melody.

8) Can you talk a about the circumstances leading to the breakup of the band and how it was reversed to make for a successful reunion? * Loss of focus, inner conflicts between members, a stagnant Death Metal scene,the need to earn income to survive, an industry unaware of the relevance of the scene, all led to the decision to call it quits.

9) How is the new self- titled CD, set to be release in September, differently mucsically than your previous releases? *The only difference is it sounds better than the others . we arent interested in changing out way of writing. The past albums may be written a bit more technical than this one which may be a reason it took so long for the industry to take notice. Our goal was to make the music heavy but also listenable to the unaware who we are trying to recruit.

10) Your lyrics are very strong and deal with the the world today, who writes the lyrics and what do thye use as inspriation for them. * We all write lyrics. The feel of the music is what determines the attitude and topic of the song. There is no secret formula. What ever topic we choose ,we construct it to fit the emotion of the music.

11) Suffocation was one of the bands in the early 90’s that developed the Death Metal sound. What unqiue qualities do you think Suffocation brought to help develope the Death Metal sound.

12) What are your plans and direction for for the future? *To take the band to the next level of success, tour the areas of the world we have yet to visit, put out quality product until the masses recognize that we are infinitely legit.

13) Do you have any unique on the road stories you could tell, they fans love behind the scenes stuff, especially from a legend.

14) Your last album ÔSuffocationÕ was just released on Relapse records, what do you think about it personally ? Are you satisfied by the result ? *We are satisfied with the end results, the response weve received, and the attention and opportunities weve gotten since its release.

15) Why did you wait so long to release you self titled long play ? And why sould it be this one? *Suffocation as a whole was disfunctional until now. This is the time where the band actually feels united and on the same page. The last time the band was in this state of mind was when we were constructing “Effigy of the Forgotten”.Its only right that finally we feel comfortable putting out a self titled album. You never know which release will be the last , so this was as good a time as any to do it.

16) The production is modern with a sound so clean and striking so far from Effigy Of The Forgotten or Breeding The Spawn (my favourites), is that what you expected ? *Definitely, we record ourselves in our own studio on our own time, so we had all intention on it sounding the way it does. Weve learned to keep our fate in our hands and things will turn out as expected.

17) YouÕre signed on Relapse records, does the label impose conditions on your music or you really do what you want? *We do what we wish .We know whats best for ourselves and I think Relapse has seen that we are self sufficient without making decisions that would rub a label the wrong way. Suffocation and Relapse records started out the same time. We were the first album ever on Relapse .

18) What about your european tour this summer ? I think it wasnÕt easy without Terrance and with Derek who had a broken leg ? *The tour was successful without Terrance and with Derek sitting because of a broken leg. the fans see tha we are committed to do what is expected of us,and I think we’ve proven it is not that easy to diminish Suffocation. We will show and prove through most circumstances.We arent here accidently, we are here because we are supposed to be here. Our skill, drive and goals are 100% legit.

19) Your last tour in europe was in november 2004, do we have to wait two years to see you back here or is something scheduled at shorter range ? *We will be in Europe a few times in 07 March will be our first scheduled visit. the only reason it would take 2 years to visit is if the business offers didnt make financial sense to do. When the promoters approach us with serious options,the band takes playing the shows seriously.We do it for a living, not to sight see the world.

20) You released a live cd called ÔThe Close Of A ChapterÕ self-produced and only available on your webstore,. Why this title ? and why not distribute it on a larger scale ? *We chose the title because since our reunion we played 100’s of shows with a certain setlist. The close of a chapter is the end of the cycle of touring we did to prove Suffocation was back and stronger than ever. Now we have a new album so the setlist will now change, certain songs wont be played as often but they are now captured live on cd for the fans who need to feel that time.

21) What are your projects now ? new tours ? back in studio ? DVD ? holidays ?

22)”Suffocation” is the most technical album in your career. Did youbecome better musicians after all the time, or how did it come to this? Did the technical arrangement change the character of writingsongs? *No, I dont think its the most technical, its just the most to the point and thought out. No flash,no fillers just to the point music.

23) what is the process of songwriting for Suffocation? Lock in a room individually and imagine what could be written that would still sound new and unique and transfer aggressively when played live.

24) what is the reason for this self-titled record? *No special reason, we just felt it was time.

25) You re-recorded “Prelude To Repulsion” on this record. What about re-recording the other songs? *If there is a need for filler songs we will consider it. If we are full of new material , the old shit will wait its turn.

26) What about the artwork on the new Self-titled album? It was kept simple. Why? *Why Not.

27) Some of the young, acts label you as an influence. Does that fill you with pride or are you disappointed with what they’ve made with your heritage? * we apppreciate all of the respect we get from the younger bands, we are happy to be a direct influence to something so strong and unique.

28) You are looked at as the founders of the death-grind-scene. How do you look upon this scene today? *The scene is definitely strong and here to stay, we just need experienced booking agents, distributors,promoters and label execs of the genre running it. The labels have no clue whats important for Death Metal they are on the outside looking in . Deathmetal isnt a universal art, its definitely best run by those who know it and created it from the inside out.

29) You started your career at a small, but growing Relapse Records, changed then to Roadrunner. Now you’re back at Relapse. What is your comparison between a major label and an independent label?

30) What is the difference between Relapse at the beginning of the 90’s and now? What has changed? * bigger building packed with a ton of bands cds,but still an independent compared to..

31) To what extent does the daily politics influence your music? Are you more in rage with a president like Bush or the policies ingeneral? *Politics in general are created to hold the majority of people down.It all sucks… president and all.

32) How can you appease the fans that this line-up is solid for the upcoming shows? *The fans have seen Suffocation more than most bands within the past few years. I dont think weve dissapointed anyone as of yet, we only get stronger and more precise with our goals and direction.

33) On October, 22nd you are starting an US-Tour with FEAR FACTORY, HYPOCRISY and DECAPITATED. Do you have doubts because the younger audience of FEAR FACTORY or do you see that as a chance? Are you looking forward to this shows? *The unknowing will soon know all of the elements that make the genre. THe lineup is diverse enough to teach a major lesson to anyone paying attention.

34) How do you motivate yourself new every evening before going on stage? *The opportunity to prove any doubters wrong is all the drive we need to crush every night.

35) What would be your dream line-up of an American death metal package? * The bands from the beginning, Suffocation,Morbid Angel,Napalm Death,Deicide,Obituary, and a few others organizing our own traveling festival. Its not actually a “dream line-up ” its more of a common sense line-up at this point and time.

36) What are the plans for the upcoming tour activities? Other things planned?
*Europe in March/April, May, and August then possibly a US tour in Oct/Nov . We also would like to put out the dvd we’ve been speaking of for some time now. We will be done with our obligation to Relapse as well, so we will see what we decide to do with the future plans for a label and a new album.

37) Does Suffocation have anything further to prove at this point of their career? * Suffocation is always capable of raising the bar another level if we feel the need. At this point of our career we are still waiting on the industry to prove that they know what to do with the material we’ve already given them.Its like a card game. We dont choose to show all of our cards unless we have to. At this point its been proven that to show everything now would be a waste.


1. Oblivion
2. Abomination Reborn
3. Redemption
4. Bind Torture Kill
5. Translucent Patterns of Delirium
6. Creed of the Infidel
7. Regret
8. Entrails of You
9. The End of Ends
10. Prelude to Repulsion
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Guy Marchais
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Derek Boyer
Drums: Mike Smith Release-Info
Relapse Records [2006]

1. Deceit
2. To Weep Once More
3. Souls To Deny
4. Surgery Of Impalement
5. Demise Of The Clone
6. Subconsciously Enslaved
7. Immortally Condemned
8. Tomes Of Acrimony
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Guy Marchais
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Derek Boyer
Drums: Mike Smith Release-Info
Relapse Records [2004]

1. Funeral Inception
2. Devoid Of Truth
3. Despise The Sun
4. Bloodchurn
5. Catatonia
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Chris Richards
Drums: Dave Culross Release-Info
Vulture Records [1998]
(re-issue) ::: Relapse Records [2000]

1. Pierced From Within
2. Thrones Of Blood
3. Depths Of Depravity
4. Suspended In Tribulation
5. Torn Into Enthrallment
6. The Invoking
7. Synthetically Revived
8. Brood Of Hate
9. Breeding The Spawn
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Chris Richards
Drums: Doug Bohn Release-Info
Roadrunner Records [1995]
(re-issue) ::: Roadrunner Records [2003]
1. Jesus Wept
2. Infecting The Crypts
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Chris Richards
Drums: Doug Bohn Release-Info
Restless Records [1994]

1. Beginning Of Sorrow
2. Breeding The Spawn
3. Epitaph Of The Credulous
4. Marital Decimation
5. Prelude To Repulsion
6. Anomalistic Offerings
7. Ornaments Of Decrepancy
8. Ignorant Deprivation
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Chris Richards
Drums: Mike Smith Release-Info
Roadrunner Records [1993]

1. Liege Of Inveracity
2. Effigy Of The Forgotten
3. Infecting The Crypts
4. Seeds Of The Suffering
5. Habitual Infamy
6. Reincremation
7. Mass Obliteration
8. Involuntary Slaughter
9. Jesus Wept
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Josh Barohn
Drums: Mike Smith Release-Info
Roadrunner Records [1991]
(re-issue) ::: Roadrunner Records [2003]
::: Relapse Records [1991]
(re-mastered) ::: Relapse Records [2000]
1. Infecting The Crypts
2. Synthetically Revived
3. Mass Obliteration
4. Catatonia
5. Jesus Wept
6. Human Waste
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Josh Barohn
Drums: Mike Smith Release-Info
Relapse Records [1991]
(re-mastered) ::: Relapse Records [2000]

1. Human Waste
2. Involuntary Slaughter
3. Reincremation
Vocals: Frank Mullen
Guitars: Doug Cerrito
Guitars: Terrance Hobbs
Bass: Josh Barohn
Drums: Mike Smith Release-Info
Demo [1990]


For all their imitators over the years, this quintet remains unmatched” – ALL

MUSIC GUIDE “death metal demolitionists” –

“One of death metal’s most often plagiarized acts.” – from the forthcoming Feral House book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore (Fall, 2004)

Relapse Records is proud to bring you the new release from death metal legends SUFFOCATION, entitled Souls To Deny. SUFFOCATION, (Frank Mullen – vocals, Terrance Hobbs – guitar, Guy Marchais – guitar, Derek Boyer – bass, Mike Smith – drums) one of the most influential and emulated bands in the history of extreme music and the pioneers of the now-infamous ‘New York death metal sound’, return to the Relapse label after releasing the now classic albums Effigy Of The Forgotten (1991), Breeding The Spawn (1993), and Pierced From Within (1995) via Roadrunner Records.

In death metal history, Suffocation stands unique for fusing the technical with the percussive, brutal “older” styles of death metal as well as for being emulated more than any other band. Previous to SUFFOCATION’s formation, death metal used simple structures and repetitive, percussive beats ending in extremely recognizable resolutions to sound heavy and dark, but was often shunned by metal audiences as “too rudimentary and redundant”. Suffocation integrated the heavier styles of death metal with the muffled strumming and downstroke rhythms of speed metal while introducing far more complex rhythms, a variety of influences, and bizarre, mocking lead guitar. Suffocation’s approach was to meld the emotions of hardcore and extreme avantgarde metal into a contexture of intricate conflicting structures through absorption of both to form the ultimate in pummeling, concrete, functional rhythms.

After forming in 1990, SUFFOCATION quickly released their 3-song debut Reincremation. Within weeks of its existence came the interest of many labels who wanted to claim stake to the next SUFFOCATION album. The band chose to release it’s follow-up, Human Waste through Relapse Records in 1991. Complex and unrelentingly savage, Human Waste saw Suffocation bash out the beginnings of death metal’s most visible style, the “New York” combination of blasting grindcore beats and metallic textures. This was only but the beginning…

The now classic, Effigy of the Forgotten was released in 1991 via Roadrunner Records. Effigy… took the rhythmic relentlessness of hardcore beats, put them into speed metal structures and overlaid off-time counterpoint structures. Effigy of the Forgotten took SUFFOCATION’s intent to a new plane, taking the multiple languages of music and unifying them in an evocative, thundering chorus of death metal.

Bassist, Josh Barohn was replaced by Chris Richards for the following album, 1993’s Breeding The Spawn. Thunderously heavy and rigorously artistic, Breeding The Spawn surpassed expectations. Highly rhythmic, Suffocation’s second album built on the legacy of their first with more emphasis on the bearing weight of repeated changing / off time rhythms (see later day practitioners MESHUGGAH) and a SLAYER-derived sense of melody. The guttural vocal expansion of vocalist Frank Mullen perfectly complimented the creative lead work from Cerritos and Hobbs. After the release of Breeding…, SUFFOCATION hit the road for months on end in support of the release, bringing their jaw-dropping live performances to both their devoted legions of followers, and hordes of wide-eyed new devotees.

In 1994, drummer Mike Smith left Suffocation and was replaced by drummer Doug Bohn. This new line-up featured on the 1994 live album, Live Death.

Following the release of 1995’s Pierced From Within, SUFFOCATION embarked on successful tours of Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, playing to thousands and enjoying increased album sales. After these tours, drummer Doug Bohn was replaced by former Malevolent Creation drummer Dave Culross.

In 1998, Suffocation once again hooked up with legendary producer / engineer Scott Burns for the recording of the EP, Despise the Sun. Released on micro-indie Vulture Records, Despise the Sun contained SUFFOCATION’s most accomplished material to date, the band comfortable enough in their style to develop it to a muscular prime. A savage example of pounding death metal, Despise the Sun utilized contrapuntal structures in recursive patterns to produce its effect – engaging, energetic and insightful death metal with no letup in intensity.

Despite Despise the Sun’s powerful testament to artistic process and death metal design, the EP suffered from the lack of both availability and awareness that its small issuer would provide. In September, 2000, Relapse stepped in and reissued Despise…, the increased awareness and exposure led many to believe that SUFFOCATION were ready to reclaim their rightful place atop death / extreme metal’s hierarchy that their self-imposed three year layoff had nearly compromised. But conflicts within the band forced Suffocation to disband soon after.

In early 2002, rumors of a SUFFOCATION ‘reunion’ began to surface and the death metal world was immediately abuzz with the possibility. SUFFOCATION confirmed their intentions soon afterwards and with a line-up of Mike Smith (drums), Terrance Hobbs (guitar), Guy Marchais (guitar), Frank Mullen (vocals), and Derek Boyer (bass), the band resumed writing and rehearsals and announced that they were back to stay and ready to deliver once again.

Immediately upon the announcement, SUFFOCATION headlined the sold-out 2003 installments of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, Maryland Deathfest and Milwaukee Metalfest(s) to a rousing response. In June, 2003, the band unveiled a brand new song entitled “Deceit”. The as-then-unsigned band’s video for “Deceit” made its world-premier on FUSE’s “Uranium” program, and, as a testament to their universally-recognized impact on the genre, SUFFOCATION was profiled on both “Uranium” and MTV2’s “Headbangers Ball” recently without the influence of label backing.

The wildly influential band entered New York’s Full Force Studios with engineer Joe Cincotta in Winter, 2003 to begin recording their first full album of new material since Pierced From Within, entitled Souls to Deny.

SUFFOCATION return with Souls to Deny, their first full length album in nearly a decade and first full length album for Relapse Records. Masterfully controlled yet frighteningly intense, Souls to Deny is a truly devastating display of technical death metal. Maniacally complex lead and rhythm guitar acrobatics intermix with dizzyingly proficient drum work, creating complex, savage riff collages. Containing the songs “Deceit”, “To Weep Once More” , “Souls to Deny”, “Surgery of Impalement”, “Demise of the Clone”, “Subconsciously Enslaved”, “Immortally Condemned” and “Tomes of Atrimony”, Souls to Deny is set for a late April, 2004 release date. Crushing brutality from the masters!!

300+ shows and countless US and European tours later ,SUFFOCATION has once again entered NY’s FullForce Studios with their fulltime live soundman and engineer Joe Cincotta to release upon the World the most matured and destructive album of their now Legendary career .The self titled 2006 release “SUFFOCATION” further propels the band to the forefront of the Death metal genre proving why Suffocation has solidly held its position as one of the most important and influential bands the Death metal genre has seen to date.

In September Suffocation along with the services of Video director Dale Resteghini completed their first video in support of the New album. The video for the song ABOMINATION REBORN will debut on MTV HEADBANGERS BALL in early October, just prior to the start of their 7 week Fall US tour with Fear Factory,Hypocrisy and Decapitated.

Most American death metal painted itself into a corner years ago, but SUFFOCATION, through musicality, inventiveness, and sheer conviction, have found a hundred little ways to push the envelope and inject personality into its reeking cadaver. “Suffocation”, the album, is a multi-dimensional death metal feast that never forgets its primary mission to beat the listener into submission. In December 2006 Suffocation made its second guest appearance on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball. Drummer Mike Smith visited with Headbangers Ball Host and Hatebreed Frontman Jamey Jasta In support of the new album and to debut the bands latest Video “ABOMINATION REBORN”.

In January 2007 Suffocation was approached and hired by the Cable Network A&E; and the History channel to be the band to represent a new A&E; show called the “Dark Ages” a show that depicts the the way of life that existed amongst the warriors of the Dark Ages, Thankfully Suffocation and the Death Metal Genre were chosen to represent the feel and intensity that existed at that time in history. The DARK AGES episode is scheduled to air in March 2007. The promo commercial that the band performed in is airing in over 700 movie theatres throughout the country as well as on the popular cable network channels VH!, MTV and MTV2. This is just one more opportunity Suffocation has been fortunate enough to be involved in on our quest to represent and help further the success of the underground Death Metal Genre.