Detroit Cancelled

So The story is, the suffocation showed up to Harpo’s to find out that the show was destined to fail.
The promoter had suggested to our recently fired booking agent that we should cancel this date days ago. Unfortunately we didnt get the memo. We of course apologize to the fans, you all know we rarely disappoint. No one is more disturbed over this venture than us.

Euro tour recap

Suffocation finally finished our Euro tour alongside Napalm Death. This was definitely the most successful Euro tour we’ve done to date. Every show was packed out in every country. The fans of old and new were absolutely amazing, we enjoyed partying with all of you. This is proof to us that the genre still has a chance to survive when the right packages are put together. Next on our agenda is to complete the dvd we’ve been gathering footage for, as well as putting quality time into the creation of our next album BLOOD OATH. Stay tuned.

Mike Smith hired for studio project

Louisiana based experimental project “Psychometry” has hired the services of Suffocation drummer Mike Smith to perform and record on their upcoming Album “The Four Points”. Psychometry is an atmospheric, melodic metal band made up of professional musicians experienced in several different styles of music. The project ranges from symphonic,Classical, electronic, as well as extreme underground metal.

Psychometry blends a wide variety of the world’s music and is formed as a collection of composers so as not to be placed into a specific genre of music. Mike Smith states, “the change in musical direction form the norm of Death metal is a welcome one. It gives me the opportunity to retrain myself to play with the goal of appealing to listeners of multiple Genres”.

Ireland/Uk tour begins

Alright so after 5 months off from touring, we finally prepare to get back to biz. We fly out to Ireland for a couple shows today 4/18. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and fans in Dublin and Cork before setting off for a weeks run in the UK. Its been a few years since our last visit and we fully expect the shows to be SICK as always. See you all there!

New UK and Ireland shows added

New dates have been added for our return back to the UK and Ireland. We definitely look forward to it, its been a while. Many amazing tours have passed since our last visit. We apologize for the extensive time away, but we promise to deliver what you expect from us. No worries.

Tuscon Cancelled

So as it stands the show that was to be at THE Rock in Tuscon Arizona was cancelled. We do not yet know why the promoter cancelled the show but The bands didnt find out until we were already at the club the morning of the show. Once we get to the bottom of what really happened with the promoter and the show, we will update all of the fans who came out to Rock!

Summer fests Completed

So we have returned from our 10 day 50,000 skymile summer festival run. We had the best experiences at all countries visited Moscow,Indonesia,Ukraine, Chezch and Germany. Our first visit to Moscow was insane ,they were by far the most rabid audience out of the run, not to downplay the other shows but the club was definitely out of control for the entire set. Ukraines fest which was held on the beach of the Black Sea was incredible as well ,the fans definitely showed us that we will always be welcome and turned out in great numbers.

Indonesias hospitality was top notch and much needed after such a vigorous travel schedule. The fans turned out big and definitely put themselves on the map as a country focused on the Extreme metal genre and worth visiting often. The Brutral assault fest in the Chezch republic turned out 8000 strong and is definitely a fest that will be at the top of the food chain in the near future, well organized, price efficient, with great bands.

Germany’s Summer breeze fest was insane as all German festivals are. You can always rely on the German fests to lead in their ability to throw a massive and successful festival.

If only the US would pay attention and take some pointers maybe we could introduce festivals of Extreme metal of such caliber in the states. Ozzfest and Sounds of the Underground is good but definitely no match for the efforts and exposure of the European fests.Maybe someday someone in the US will focus and step up. Take care. Thanks again to all of the fans who made it clear that Suffocation has impacted their lives and is welcome in their countries.

Death metal Album of the year?

European Metal Webzine, the European Metal Webzine is proud to present the Metal Storm Awards. Metalstorm hosts more than 800 000 single visits and more than 25 000 000 hits each month.

This year, SUFFOCATION is nominated in “The Best Death Metal Album” category. During a month, readers will be able to vote for their favorite albums! (If they’re not already a member of our community, they just have to register on the site and submit their votes!

SUFFOCATION back from the tour.

Suffocation’s recent tour with Fear Factory,Hypocrisy and Decapitated was a great time and success. It was a good opportunity for Suffocation to play in front of fans who wouldnt necessarily be at a Suffocation show.The response we received from the fans seemed to prove that our goal was successful. The musical difference between all of the bands on the bill really made the whole package strong and more diverse.In our opinion this was definitely a positive factor on this run.